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Recording / General Studio Time: $50 per hour / $400 per day (12 h0urs)


Mixing: $200 Per Song***


Mastering: $60 Per Song Flat Rate


Full Production Bundle: Record, Mix, & Master: Between $300+ per song***


Stem Creation for Live Tracks & Remixes: $50 per song


Creative Consulting / Design: $50 per hour


We are often asked how much it will cost or how long it will take to mix a song/album. This really depends on the quality you are trying to achieve as well as how well you/your band preformed while recording. This list is only a rough estimate of how much time it takes to mix one song.

  • A demo/reference song mix – approx. 1-2 Hours

  • Small Indie mix – approx. 3-5 Hours

  • Large Indie mix – approx. 6-10 hours

  • Major label / Radio ready mix – approx. 10+ hours



***Please contact us for a more specific quote. The more information we know about your project, the more accurate of a quote we can give you per song. This bundled price is often the best value, so please contact us to learn more!

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